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To be continued... [17 Dec 2003|05:32pm]
[ mood | easied ]

Life goes on...


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Moonlight Shadows and Earthquakes [09 Dec 2003|06:58pm]
[ mood | dizzy ]

I just got back from an Art Club meeting not too long ago, had fun with Cathy and Sarah. I made this fat, ugly kitty and it has green on it cause I used a green pen to make eyes and stuff so yeah, it looks really weird. There was an earthquake today! It was so cool! My mom emailed me an article about it and it was a 4.5 on the richter scale, I was like cool. The only downfall is that we get an earthquake but NO SNOW! What is up with that?! Roar...and also had to delete all my games and crap because of the stupid school =( *sniff*. I miss playing Zelda and Mario Kart!

Then I was walking to the front doors and Mr. Spence was there and he tried to slam the door before I could get there so I was pushing it back, wish I slammed the door and broke his nose ><. I was like 'Just because I was a former blonde and I'm smaller and no one else is really around doesn't mean you can pick on me' and he was like 'Oh, that's not the reason. I picked on you cause you're a yankee.'. There he goes with the yankee shit again! It's so fucking old and I wanted to smack him, so I just walked out and shit, bastard...haha.

Other than that nothing is really new, last night I had this beautiful view in my window in my room and took a picture of it so I'm going to leave off with that, later!

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A Funny Fishy Tale [27 Nov 2003|10:48am]
[ mood | silly ]

Mike and Dad went on a fishing trip yesterday, god knows why. Must be really fun. Anyway they came back around 10 last night and told us about the whole ordeal. Well here's who was there:



a bishop...

an enginneer...

and a blind man driving...

What fun that must've been! What a fun-filled group brought together to do some good ol' fishing. Mike told me how the blind guy almost drove the boat into a pole and he said he had some eye problems, don't know exactly, but when he told them directions he was trying to think what that meant in his eyes.

My dad was freaking out over the fact that there was a bishop onboard so he tried to keep his cursing to a minimum and told us he didn't curse at all, wow that's a shocker. But Mike on the other hand said 'fuck', 'shit', 'bitch', and 'ass'. Haha, I was wondering the bishops reaction to that. The funnier thing was that Dad felt bad cause he kept going 'God' around him, you know when you get frustrated or something you go 'God damn', that's what he meant. Poor bishop...has to hang around crazy people @_@. I heard that even before they fished, they did a prayer. Not those quick ones you do before you eat dinner, but like it was some sort of traditional ceremonial prayer before you fish that took very long (I mean VERY long) and from what I hear...the praying worked! Praise the lord! Haha XD

Dad unfortantely got only 1 fish. Mike got 4 and the biggest fish at sea. I was just laying on the couch not giving a care he was like 'Jess! I caught a big fucker! He was like this big and this wide. Damn was that fish huge!'. It sounded a little bit wrong at first but I got what he was talking about and got a picture of it and it was a big fish! I'm surprised I didn't pull him off the boat, guess that weightlifting really does pay off...

It was a really funny story, wish I went but rather not freeze my ass off and fish XD. Well that's all for this little fishy tale with my brother, my father, a bishop, an enginneer, and a blind man. I really hope I can write a book on my life one day.

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Sugar Sweetness [24 Nov 2003|06:51pm]
Pilgrams are yummy yummy in my big tummy XD!

Haha yeah, I just finished eating this pilgram cookie my mom bought and it was soo good. It was like a gingerbread man topped with vanilla and chocolate, seriously it's really good! The only bad thing was the head was so fucking hard! I was biting as hard as I could and it wouldn't break. So I was like 'damnit!' and slammed it against the kitchen table. Mike was up and about so he just came up and was like 'It was the head, wasn't it?' and I was like 'Indeed...' XD. Haha oh wells, it was still yummy!

Gosh I am still pretty wired for today. I had orange soda this morning, then Mello Yello and god knows how many sugar cubes, Mountain Dew: Code Red, and more orange soda...lots and lots of sugar! All I need is some Pixy Stix and I would've just lost it! Haha yeah, the world is great with sugar! Sugar sugar sugar!

Yeah...I am going to shut myself up now, bye @_@

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Had Better Days [23 Nov 2003|06:50pm]
Well today was a so/so day, in otherwords both good in bad. Reason it was bad was of course my parents. Don't want to really want get into it cause I don't really want to let it bother me so much but lets just say they bitched a lot, argued, dad said some pretty mean things, and all that crap. Also mom was bitching at me kind of how I should be more like Mike and that crap *sighs*. I wish I didn't have that stupid state thing that pays for college so I could go to California or something, all the way across the county and be free from this shit! Haha yeah, that would be great.

Other than that, yesterday was pretty good. Got to watch 'The Hot Chick' which was pretty funny. It was funny when he/she went (can't really decided XD) 'It's not everyday you wake up in the morning with a penis' XD. Haha it was really funny. Although it was really corny, it was really funny somehow. I guess I am just easily amused in that sense. Other than that, nothing really else to update on so I am going to go now, later.

- Mistress Jessi of the World, mwahah XD

(I sound like a freaky sad....)

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Perverted Minds [19 Nov 2003|06:50pm]
Zahrah and me were joking about what the usual guy has in mind and thought I would post it on here. Haha, sorry guys but here:

Typical Thoughts in a Guy:
- Sex
- Boobs
- Asses
- Lesbians
- Porn
- "Hot" chicks or celebrities
- Playboy or any kind of magazine such as that

Haha yeah, guys are pretty perverted, well most of the ones I know are. Thus, creating this list. I mean, I am perverted myself but hey, don't take this so seriously XD. Feel free to add on!

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Green Paint [18 Nov 2003|06:49pm]
Today was actually a pretty good day, hooray for me! The only really bad part I suppose was that the bus was really late cause some kid threw up (icky) so yeah, had to wait a pretty long time and Brit wasn't there so I was basically on my own. Today was Elizabeth's 16th birthday so I got her this purple stuffed puppy when I actually wanted to get her a bunny cause that was her favorite animal but couldn't find one so I just wrote on the card 'Pretend it is a bunny'! Haha yeah, we hanged out in Art and talked like we usually did. I was mentioning how my clay project looked as if I cut of someone's head and left it there when it was wrapped up and placed in the bag @_@. Haha yeah, we are suppose to be like making a clay project of ourselves so yeah, I am making myself into a rag doll. What fun!

Then I went off to Health which I shouldn't waste your precious time on cause obviously it was too boring to put down in words and too bore you but of course. I then went to Lunch and hanged out with all my buddies, what great fun that was! James and Jim got introuble for of course as I like to call it "affectionate play" when they were just hitting each other as they usually do. Teacher yelled at them to go to there classes before the bell even rang XD. Haha suckers! Haha just messin'. Then I went to Spanish where I once again had the so-called substitute and had to do shitloads of work. I mean SHITLOADS cause we had like 7 long assignments but like hell I am going to do all of them.

Then went to English which was pretty fun. We had to watch A Seperate Piece the film and it was so retarted but everyone kept making fun of the film and it was just hysterical. It's like these two "best friends" always strip off to there boxer shorts and go swimming. That's all they pratically do and it was just funny to make fun of and comment on as well as hearing other things, haha yeah. Then I walked around with Zahrah and Alex for a bit then hanged with Cathy and Sarah for Art Club. There are these doors that lead to the bus ramp so I got Cathy to run with me to the bus ramp to just randomly wave the buses good bye and run back. We were hoping the teacher wasn't there cause we would've probably gotten in big trouble or some idiot would've locked us out but didn't happy, hoorah! But Art Club was so much fun, just got to joke around and do this poster with Cathy, Sarah, and Allison. We had to clean the brushes and I got green all over the place and I'm like 'Oh no! I've been caught green handed! We got to hide!' haha and I remember when we were looking for pencils, we went through the teacher's desk and got some then slammed it really hard when he came in and were like 'We were just looking for a pencil!, way funny stuff but hey, I am easily amused. I just felt bad cause my mom had to come early and we basically left Allison to pick up after us but I did help clean up so yeah =(. Hopefully she's not mad or anything.

Then did the usual when I got home, got online, DDR, eat dinner, watch 24 and Queer Eye...which of course I just finished. It was oodles of fun. WellI am going to get going now, I should be doing the bundles of homework I have to complete and the numerous amounts of test and quizzes I have tomorrow but you guys should know by now that sadly enough, I am too lazy for this crap. Haha oh wells, later!

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Saturday Mayhem [15 Nov 2003|11:31pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Went to Norfolk today to visit family. Had an okay time, had to go to the graveyard though which isn't my favorite thing to do. Have to do it every year to pay my respects which isn't a bad thing, just don't like the fact of being in one. But it was okay for me, I actually wasn't sad or crying, just pretty quiet and kept to myself. We went out to eat lunch which was good, just was feel sick for the remainder of the day including during the car ride, ugh that was no fun. I wish I brought a pillow or something cause I was defientely very uncomfortable.

Dad came back yesterday and my mom bought Terminator 3 so my dad wanted to watch that since he is, an "Arnie fan". Well...of course, action movies are his thing. So he started bitching when we got the wrong on so we had to go all the way back to Wal-Mart just to get the wide-screen version, god man...I thought it was ridiclous but oh well. I got these blue glow-in-the-dark jellys which I like so all-an-all it wasn't that bad, got something good at of it. Which reminds me, I did these vector drawings for this Weim Rescue Foundation of their dogs and they made them into Xmas cards and I just got them today to see how they looked and they look great! They even have my name on it! I thought it was way cool, I mean I felt like I did something and it's for donation to help these dogs feel better and all that stuff so I hope it helps them out much.

Other than that, I am still watching DDR Freestyle cause I want to do this kind of stuff so bad! It's so cool but I suck at the game so I can at least try and make a fool of myself in the comfort of my room...LOCKED! Hahah so no one can laugh and all, yeah...I'm pretty bad but it's a fun game once you get the hang of it and all. Well I am going to watch more, see ya later!

P.S. Here's a real cool vid of some guy, he's awesome: Jan - Stomp to My Beat

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Keep on Swimming! [08 Nov 2003|12:14am]
[ mood | giddy ]

I had a pretty dull day so nothing really to write about the day. I do want to see 'Elf' and honestly, I think the Elf from the movie kicked Neo's ass when it comes to how good a movie is XD. Haha yeah, what great fun!

Just finished watching Finding Nemo, greatest movie ever! It's Nemo with his lucky fin *flaps it around fast*. Remeber, fishes are friends...not food! I enjoyed it lots, very cute movie. One of my favorite parts is when Nemo gets in the can and starts meeting all the fishies.

Deb - *looks at her reflection* That's my sister Flo. Don't listen to anything she says. She's crazy.
Marlin - The water's going down. It's half-empty.
Dory - Hmm...I'd say it's half-full.
Marlin: - Stop that!

and then another one was...

Young fish - Wow, look at that! *looks at bottom of a boat*
Nemo - What is it?
Young seahorse (ponyman) - Hey, my dad has seen one of those. He called it a "butt"
Young octopus - That's a big butt

Haha yeah, go see it if you haven't already! Haha night night people ^_^.

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Relief from School [03 Nov 2003|10:49pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Halloween was pretty fun on Friday. I got my hair blue and everything and it was crazy @_@. Too bad it got all over my hands and face cause it rubbed off so easily and since my mom sprayed it, it was all over my ears. Everyone kept calling me a smurf and I was like 'I AM NOT A SMURF!'. Haha next year I might just do glitter cause that won't be as messy and whatever and I don't think dad will freak out as much, haha but that was basically the point of it. That was the same day Mike came back for the weekend. He rung the doorbell so I opened and said 'Sorry, we aren't giving out candy now...' and slammed the door. It was so funny! He kept yelling to open the garage door so I did. It was so weird to have him back, it had been a while since he had been around the house and surprisingly enough, he was nice to me! being nice to his sister, what is the world coming to?! He stated that he could beat me in DDR and I asked him to prove it to me so when he picks a song, he of course fails it and told me it was impossible to do. So when I play it, I do pretty good and finish the entire song ^_^. He was pretty shocked to say the least and started playing the game nonstop! He really liked it cause he got to play whenever he could and boy was he trying hard. He wanted to take the game and gamepad with him back, I could tell but of course not, it's mine! Haha yeah, when he left on Sunday he was like 'Don't beat me too hard, I have to pay to practice now'. That has to suck for him since they do have a DDR in VT but it's like a dollar or something just for a song @_@. Haha have fun spending all that money!

Today was awesome cause thank god, back to regular timed days! Yayness! I had to get to school early since I had to hand in my Reflections project which is a mosaic of magazine clippings of my dog and me. My art teacher said it was great, wow...that was the first compliment I had got all year. It was basically 'It's not bad, it just wasn't what I was looking for' haha; his infamous line. Then they day when as usual, got some stuff back and just hanged around. I basically have B's in all my classes and fear that I might be doing horrible in Gym since I have failed every test @_@ eep! Yeah, no good for me. We had to watch Don Quijote again today in Spanish and it is just so retarted. It's like watching Jackass but much different, don't know to describe this idioitc film. But hey, it's better then doing work and all that crap.

Then I got to hang out at the bus ramp with Brit for a while and Kelly. Then I talked to Arathi, Brit, Kati, and Jay Jay on the bus. Guess about the usual stuff and Jay Jay sat next to me again since he is supposedly protecting me from James. Now I need someone protecting me from him, seriously! He kept like headbutting me, poking me, hitting me and shit and I was like like thinking 'What the fuck did I do?! Is this even normal??'. Haha oh well, don't have to deal with it tomorrow since we have no school tomorrow, sweetness! I hope I can do something or whatever, not in the mood to just sit around on my ass but hell a lot better then school I say. So I am just sitting here in my domain A.K.A. my attic doing nothing but listening to music and the usual crap. I am gonna get going now, laters!

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Picture Day [30 Oct 2003|10:18pm]
[ mood | headache ]

Today was a pretty fun-filled, interesting day. Started off having to dress up nice and all since today for me was Picture Day. I was sitting here on my bed while Mom was putting on make up. I was kind of freaking out because the dog was just sniffing around and I was afraid that mom would get distracted and end up poking my eye out. Haha wouldn't be THAT much of a loss since I am pretty much blind enough as it is. I met up wtih Brit while walking to the bus stop and she was commenting how nice I looked and was shocked, to say the least, to see make up on my face, haha I found that pretty funny.

Then I started the day with good ol' Art *cough cough*. If only our teacher could be just the bit more fun. It's so boring that me and Elizabeth kept count of everytime he said 'um'. We took a review quiz or test, can't really remember but all I know is that I bombed it for sure. Then we had to get this mug shots of our faces for this clay project we were going to do and do something creative with it and I am going to make my face into a rag-doll/Strawberry Shortcake kind of a thing so I hope it comes out really good ^_^

Then I went to Gym which of course I dreaded. We had to go outside to play soccer and to set the record straight, I think I am horrible at every single sport that was ever created! Haha yeah, so I partnered up with Amanda and we just played around and tried to have fun with it somehow. Unfortantely, the field was really shitty and muddy so my shoes look basically like I just stepped in a big pile of shit which is really gross but now they are just dirty so I really need to start cleaning them. We then had to play a game and couldn't really participate since basically all the jocks got infront of me when the ball was right infront of me and just kicked it out of my way, way to be a team! Hah yeah.

Then at lunch I had some fun with Brit and Zahrah. James came over (really annoying) and just annoyed us basically but oh wells. Me and Brit we talking about the good ol' days in SPMS and some other stuff, what great fun! Then I went off to Spanish and had to do some boring assignment as we usually do. We were about to get our tests back and I was really scared cause I knew I did really horrible and to my surprise, I got an 80! All I have to say is that anything with in 8 to begin with is good enough for me! I was like dancing in my chair and squealing, haha really looked like the biggest fool of all but lucky enough for me, no was paying attention.

Then finally it was time to get my picture done and I really hope it came out good. I basically chatted with Zahrah, Amanda, Patrick, Arathi, and Luke. Luke kept joking around about what facial he should pull when he was getting his pic done, he had this peace sign up and this George W. Bush (dumbass...) facial which was hilarious. Too bad he couldn't use it for the picture. Then we got back and did some more boring work and just talked to Zahrah and Amanda a bit. Luke joked about chicken and I just said 'I like chicken (I really do, it's the best ^_^)' and he was like 'I love chicken!'. Everyone loves chicken, the good stuff! Then I walked with Zahrah and James around the school and to my dimise, had James hanging around me by the bus ramp.

When I got on the bus, I saw James and was getting irritated because I thought he was going to sit next to me but Jay Jay sat next to me instead. It was kind of strange for me cause I really didn't expect it and I would figure he would want to hang in the back seats with all his friends. I talked to him some and got to be mean to James since he is an ass and he was being mean to Zahrah a lot (Poor Zahrah =( ). Heh it was a lot of fun and Jay Jay was really nice and cool. I just walked home and worked on my Reflections project for Art which is basically a mosaic of my dog and me out of magazine clippings. Really hope it comes out good.

Other than that, nothing else is really new and I cannot wait till tomorrow! Halloween and last day of these fucking extended days, yayness! Plus, I am going to dress all weird and have blue hair ^_^. That will be cool. Well I am going to go lay down for a bit since I am tired of writing and have my headache still, bye bye!

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Keep On Dancin' [26 Oct 2003|04:35am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I had to see 'Mystic River' and...*yawns* bored the hell out of me. Most of the people in the theater were gasping and stuff when this kid starting kicking another in the face and when the kid had a gun pointed to this other person. I'm like 'Damnit people, it's not that shocking! It's a freaking movie, go see Kill Bill if you want to lose your voice in shock!'. Haha I made fun of that it was the only enjoyable part about that.

Before that I played Crusin' USA and of course, got my ass kicked. Then we went to Barnes and Noble for like a half an hour, I just read some mangas and listened to some music, yes my garbage music @_@. I played some DDR not too long ago and got my mom to record, if you want I can show it to you later, mom was afraid I was going to kill myself of heart attack, hahah. Oh wells...what can one do? Let's see...what else...hmmm. I can't really think right now, tired from so much boredom @_@!! Eepp! Evil boring movies are coming to eat me alive, ahhhh!!

Yeah not really much to write so I'll leave off with my new DDR movies, enjoy once again! School's tomorrow, ahhh! At least the extended days end after Friday, finally!

1) I'm back! Let's dance! [Dive: pt 1]
2) Still Movin' to the Beat [Dive: pt 2]
3) Taking Things Up a Notch [Breakdown]
4) Jessi has a Few Seconds
5) Moving Like a Mad Woman @_@ [Hysteria]
6) Taking the Challenge [Hysteria 2001]

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Dance Dance [20 Oct 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Yeah, today went by quick thankfully since I had all my classes today and they really don't last that long. Really boring and tiring. Everytime the teachers turned off the lights I really wanted to go to sleep but of course, I would most likely get bitched out. Lunch was funny, my friend brought his digital camera and just started taking pictures. He got really retarted pictures of me and some really funny movies, all my friends including myself all acted like idiots and tried to enjoy it. That was probably the fun part of my day. ONLY fun part of my day, that's rare. I barely have any fun parts, haha.

I decided to slave mother by making her make MPEGs of my DDR since I wanted to show off my mad skills *cough cough*. Please...I honestly suck. Plus I look like crap wearing this bright yellow shirt and shorts cause I work really hard on this game and rather not get my clothes all smelly and stuff cause I seriously sweat! It's a hell of a workout. But yeah, I tried. So pardom my ugliness. Here and watch me dance! Enjoy!

1) Mom didn't realize the camera was right @_@, so it's sideways
2) Mom figured it out, yay! Keep on dancing!
3) And the song is done, GO ME *dies of exhaustion* x_x
4) I lost and I make myself look dumb
5) Taking it easy, doing a simple song which was a SMART thing to do
6) Finishing easy song, yay! So talented ^_^

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Fiction [19 Oct 2003|02:23am]
[ mood | too thoughtful ]

Just finished watching Pulp Fiction, really good movie. Pretty funny.

As for life, hmm. Let me think of some words to describe it: boring, stressful, sick, dull, thoughtful, somewhat depressed...ick I'm no good with words anymore. Should've paid more attention in English I guess with all those vocabulary words and shit. I'm one of those people that thinks too much, really need to stop that.

There's some advice for you kiddies, don't think too much...makes you get all moody and shit. Ick. Need to find something to do...

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Down [15 Oct 2003|06:25pm]
[ mood | down ]

Today was not the best day, lot more kind of bad things happen rather than good. I got to school this morning and Brittany starts running up to me and yelling 'GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT!' and I just sitting there thinking to myself about what the hell was going on. She told me that her ex-boyfriend Roberto was going to ask me out. Honestly, he's a good guy but I don't like him in that way and I don't think I ever will. I mean after what Brit had to go through when dating him, I rather not go through the same. Besdies, I am not really in the mood for dating when I am already stressed enough about school, family, and friends. So she tells me this and I only assume one thing, that he would do it to make Brit jealous since her and I are best friends. It had happened before since he told Brit about how he was going to ask people like me and Zahrah to the dance. So there was no way I am going to ever consider going out with him. Ever since then, some of my friends have kind of been taunting me about it and whatever and it's annoying the very hell out of me. I mean, it's really not that big of a deal so quit it. He keeps staring at me now and I don't feel that comfortable, oh whatever...I am just going to ignore it.

As for school wise, fuck...biology I some how have a 100 which I know will be long gone by the time we take some quiz or something since that is one of my worst subjects in the entire world. Then I went to World History and I am doing pretty good in that class, just really really boring now a days. All I ever do is lay my head down on the table, write notes, and pratically fall asleep, it's really THAT boring. The teacher is talking about the Reformation and all that stuff and all I can hear is 'blah blah blah blah blah'. Yeah...that's going to get me nowhere. Then in Spanish we had to finish this oral part of our test and boy did I bomb that test. I did so bad, it looked as if everything I did was wrong. If I messed up on at lest one problem on the oral part, I failed. I got like a 73 or something but oh well. Then I got to define like 50 adjectives which is bundles of fun by tomorrow. I also have to write an essay and finish 2 worksheets for English then finish my Food Diary for health, what fun! Afterwards, ate lunch then went to Geometry where I got a quiz back, failed it and took a quiz, failed it. Honestly, I couldn't be doing more shitter in a class, but it's so much fun since we get off topic sometimes and have the funniest conversations. Oh well...then hanged around with Elizabeth at the bus ramp then just got my iBook out and started listening to my iTunes. I was wearing my kitty ear hat and the two boys from 2 seats behind me took it and acted like they didn't do shit. I saw them throw it at the seat behind me and I seriously wanted to kick there asses but oh well...whatever.

Now I am just sitting here, locked away in my room typing this and just sitting around. Don't feel like doing much although I'm out.

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Wowzers [14 Oct 2003|12:41pm]
[ mood | funny ]

Saturday I saw 'Kill Bill' and it was one helll of a movie. I didn't expect it to be as good as I thought. The whole basic concept of this story...simple, revenge. A woman we only know as 'The Bride' (her named is bleeped out) woke up from a 4 year coma after, on her wedding day, was brutally beaten and shot in the head by members and boss (Bill) of a group she was formally in called the Deadly Vipers Assaination Squad. She wakes up to find out it had been 4 years later and the baby she had died in due time. So she seeks revenge on the 5 people responsible for it and she goes finding and killing them one by one, but she only kills 2 in the film. It was really really graphic (close to being rated NC-17) but really good overall.

Sunday I went over to Zahrah's which was fun. She rang her friend Michael and her, her sister, and myself walked to McDonalds. We got there, I kind of begged everyone for food since I hadn't had anything all day, haha. So Zahrah (thankies!) got me fries, yummie.We hanged around in the back and just talked and such. We saw Charles and Zach from school and said hello. After that we walked to CVS and started playing around with the Halloween crap, I took one of those plastic axes and started chasing Michael around, haha. Then Zahrah tried to put on some make up to make me look 'pretty' it was loads of fun. Then we went back to Zahrah's and watched 'As Told by Ginger' then went home.

Today was a pretty average day, my charger had broke this weekend (again...piece of shit) and had to go get another. I got right away for once so that was really good. Classes were boring and got home. Played some DDR, oh! I finally got my photos and uploaded them. I'll leave off with the links to them, later (sorry for poor quality, my pic is bad too >_<))!

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Winner [13 Oct 2003|06:40pm]
[ mood | HAPPY! ]

YAY! I am so happy right now *does happy dance*! My icon of Dark-kun and Daisuke-kun won for best Animated icon! YAY *dances more and hits wall and rubs head* ouchies...go see for yourself!

Where voting took place:

Winners of 10.12:

Thanks for voting for me, I am like about to faint of uber happiness ^_^!!!

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Dress Up [11 Oct 2003|12:48am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Today and yesterday was a pretty good I suppose.

Yesterday was of course opposite day during our spirit week. Mom gave me a camera since I told her there could be a possiblity that guys would dress up like girls and I wanted to get pictures of that. She gave me one of those disposable ones and hopefully they will come out okay cause last time I used one, it wasn't so successful. Anyways, for the slow ones out there, opposite day is basically when girls dress like guys and visa versa. I wore this black G.I. Joe shirt, baggy pants, and bright green boxers. I didn't really look much like a guy since I do dress as a tomboy sometimes so I didn't bother me much or whatever. Lunch is always a fun, kick-ass period. Brittany, Zarhah, 'Manda (like saying that better ^_^) and everyone else was dressed up like guys, Brit gets the award for most ghetto, hah. Anyways, during that day, I saw 3 guys dressed up as girls and I can tell you right now, I probably have not laughed so hard in my entire life. Charles was wearing this tight red dress, high heels, heart earrings, and red lipstick. Paul was wearing a black tight dress, high heels, black pantyhose, earings, hair clips, and make up. Then Greg was wearing this bright pink fishnet shirt (I think), some top, and pink camo pants. I didn't know them all that well so I got Zahrah to help me out since she did. We got the funniest pictures of them together, one of them is when they were all grouped together and Charles was appearing as if he was about to kiss Paul on the cheek! It was so funny! Once I get my pictures developed, I'll scan them and post them as soon as I can. That is if they come good, I hope! Then I used the camera to take some random pictures of friends and stuff, oh well. I was planning, when my dad came back from his trip, to not tell him about opposite day and be like 'LOOK DAD! TRANSVESTIES ARE IN MY SCHOOL!' and he'd go crazy probably, too bad mom ruined it for me @_@.

Then today was Spirit Day, since mom bought me these baggy, raver-like pants I wore these blue ones with a black shirt. Mom said I looked 'attractive' and I was just sitting there like 'Wha?!'. Haha, classes were of course a bore as always so I rather spare you and not bore you with that useless crap. Pep Rally, for better of for worse? Answer...


I mean, we thought the cheerleaders and dance squad couldn't get any worse. Shit...they did so bad it wasn't even funny. A baby can do the macerana better then the dance team could ever do! Honestly, they made themselves look disgusting out there doing these stripper-like moves which were just ridicilous. I was waiting for someone to start humping the floor it was so bad and plus all the guys were cheering, go figure. Men...haha. One of the cheerleaders fell during on of there things and I just laughed and enjoyed myself, that was probably the best thing I had seen all day. I wish all of them fell instead, stupid. One of the kids got introuble for crowd surfing into the classes but oh well, it was cool. Overall, it was pretty boring. It was just a good waste of time to talk with friends and make fun, what could be better! Haha, oh wells. Then I talked to some friends on the bus ramp and walked home. Finally, the weekend is here! Too bad the fucking weekends go by so fast and the school weeks go by so slow *dies* ugh, I hate it! Oh wells...I am kind of tired of writing so I am going to go nows, bye bye!

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Woosh [08 Oct 2003|11:03pm]
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Today went pretty good, long and boring, perfect combination I say. This school days go by so slow, but the weekends feel like just hours practically. It's almost like we don't even have weekends! It really sucks. Today Bio. sucked of course, have no real friends in there and it's hard having to find people to work with @_@. I just worked with these smart freshmen, yippie skippie. This one kid in the class kept breaking something one after the other, thank god I didn't work with that dumbass. It's like he enjoyed it, the fool. Then I had World History which bored me to tears. We had to answer questions for the class or otherwise we would get a 0 for the day so I did best I could to participate, fortantely I could care less. Damn was Henry the VIII the back-in-the-day player. 6 wives...who would've guessed?! I didn't think an old, fat geezer could get a wife, boy was I wrong. Afterwards, I had lunch and Roberto had probably the funniest hat for hat day. Course I wore my kitty-ear hat but he had like this huge glove for a hat. It kind of reminded me of Mickey Mouse. Speaking of which, Mickey Mouse and Michael Jackson and similar in many ways, indeed they are. Let's see, both love children, have their own amusement parks, wear a white glove, and black with white faces. Who would've known!

Anyways, back to my day...Spanish of course sucked, don't even have to go there. Geometry was fun, I enjoy how the teacher tortues this one annoying kid in the class. Ah that gives me such a warm funny feeling inside, ha. Other than that, nothing is all that new. I have an icon journal and decided to join this community and submit a few of my best, at least in my opinion, to see how they would do and if people would like them. If you want to check it out, click here and look for the icons by myself (digitaljessi):

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Raver Pants [06 Oct 2003|10:49pm]
Yesterday was alright, the really only exciting thing that happened was that Zahrah got to come over. I tried to get her to play DDR but she didn't want to, oh wells. I played a little and we just talked for a bit. Then we went online watching the strangest movies on this site called Threebrain that I have ever seen. The one with the robot was the best probably because we keep saying stuff from the vid, hah. She then wanted a new icon so I made her an animated one of the girl from Silent Hill 3 then made a background for her, hopefully it looks good and she likes it, you can go see it for yourself -

Today was okay, since Zahrah gave me her baby blue/pink raver pants, I decided to wear those with my black pink panther shirt and all, I really liked the pants. Nice and comfy, haha. Today seemed like forever, worst part was being in school for so fucking long, I wanted to pull every single strand of my hair and I have one day off a month to go if that makes the slightest bit of sense. Haha, yeah...I actually did good on my Geometry test, I got an 88 or something, score! Then I got a 96 on my sentences for Spanish which is fine with me, still an 'a', hehe. English was funny, Zahrah put on that robot vid we saw on Threebrain and I started cracking up. We got in a bit of trouble but whatever, we didn't do anything seriously bad so bite me! Haha, unfortantely, when I got home I decided to wear the pants just a little longer and mom saw and she said I had to give them back (sorry Zahrah =( ). But then she said to make me 'feel better' that she would look around for pants like those in like blues and blacks for something better which I guess is okay. Oh well, what's one to do?

Other than that...I am sooo tired, I just played Nonstop Mode in DDR and I went up to 15 songs @_@. Ugh, feet hurt. Talk about getting some workout. Haha oh well, I am going to relax so bye byes!

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