Jessi Fuzaki (digitaljessi) wrote,
Jessi Fuzaki

Raver Pants

Yesterday was alright, the really only exciting thing that happened was that Zahrah got to come over. I tried to get her to play DDR but she didn't want to, oh wells. I played a little and we just talked for a bit. Then we went online watching the strangest movies on this site called Threebrain that I have ever seen. The one with the robot was the best probably because we keep saying stuff from the vid, hah. She then wanted a new icon so I made her an animated one of the girl from Silent Hill 3 then made a background for her, hopefully it looks good and she likes it, you can go see it for yourself -

Today was okay, since Zahrah gave me her baby blue/pink raver pants, I decided to wear those with my black pink panther shirt and all, I really liked the pants. Nice and comfy, haha. Today seemed like forever, worst part was being in school for so fucking long, I wanted to pull every single strand of my hair and I have one day off a month to go if that makes the slightest bit of sense. Haha, yeah...I actually did good on my Geometry test, I got an 88 or something, score! Then I got a 96 on my sentences for Spanish which is fine with me, still an 'a', hehe. English was funny, Zahrah put on that robot vid we saw on Threebrain and I started cracking up. We got in a bit of trouble but whatever, we didn't do anything seriously bad so bite me! Haha, unfortantely, when I got home I decided to wear the pants just a little longer and mom saw and she said I had to give them back (sorry Zahrah =( ). But then she said to make me 'feel better' that she would look around for pants like those in like blues and blacks for something better which I guess is okay. Oh well, what's one to do?

Other than that...I am sooo tired, I just played Nonstop Mode in DDR and I went up to 15 songs @_@. Ugh, feet hurt. Talk about getting some workout. Haha oh well, I am going to relax so bye byes!
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