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Dress Up

Today and yesterday was a pretty good I suppose.

Yesterday was of course opposite day during our spirit week. Mom gave me a camera since I told her there could be a possiblity that guys would dress up like girls and I wanted to get pictures of that. She gave me one of those disposable ones and hopefully they will come out okay cause last time I used one, it wasn't so successful. Anyways, for the slow ones out there, opposite day is basically when girls dress like guys and visa versa. I wore this black G.I. Joe shirt, baggy pants, and bright green boxers. I didn't really look much like a guy since I do dress as a tomboy sometimes so I didn't bother me much or whatever. Lunch is always a fun, kick-ass period. Brittany, Zarhah, 'Manda (like saying that better ^_^) and everyone else was dressed up like guys, Brit gets the award for most ghetto, hah. Anyways, during that day, I saw 3 guys dressed up as girls and I can tell you right now, I probably have not laughed so hard in my entire life. Charles was wearing this tight red dress, high heels, heart earrings, and red lipstick. Paul was wearing a black tight dress, high heels, black pantyhose, earings, hair clips, and make up. Then Greg was wearing this bright pink fishnet shirt (I think), some top, and pink camo pants. I didn't know them all that well so I got Zahrah to help me out since she did. We got the funniest pictures of them together, one of them is when they were all grouped together and Charles was appearing as if he was about to kiss Paul on the cheek! It was so funny! Once I get my pictures developed, I'll scan them and post them as soon as I can. That is if they come good, I hope! Then I used the camera to take some random pictures of friends and stuff, oh well. I was planning, when my dad came back from his trip, to not tell him about opposite day and be like 'LOOK DAD! TRANSVESTIES ARE IN MY SCHOOL!' and he'd go crazy probably, too bad mom ruined it for me @_@.

Then today was Spirit Day, since mom bought me these baggy, raver-like pants I wore these blue ones with a black shirt. Mom said I looked 'attractive' and I was just sitting there like 'Wha?!'. Haha, classes were of course a bore as always so I rather spare you and not bore you with that useless crap. Pep Rally, for better of for worse? Answer...


I mean, we thought the cheerleaders and dance squad couldn't get any worse. Shit...they did so bad it wasn't even funny. A baby can do the macerana better then the dance team could ever do! Honestly, they made themselves look disgusting out there doing these stripper-like moves which were just ridicilous. I was waiting for someone to start humping the floor it was so bad and plus all the guys were cheering, go figure. Men...haha. One of the cheerleaders fell during on of there things and I just laughed and enjoyed myself, that was probably the best thing I had seen all day. I wish all of them fell instead, stupid. One of the kids got introuble for crowd surfing into the classes but oh well, it was cool. Overall, it was pretty boring. It was just a good waste of time to talk with friends and make fun, what could be better! Haha, oh wells. Then I talked to some friends on the bus ramp and walked home. Finally, the weekend is here! Too bad the fucking weekends go by so fast and the school weeks go by so slow *dies* ugh, I hate it! Oh wells...I am kind of tired of writing so I am going to go nows, bye bye!
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