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Saturday I saw 'Kill Bill' and it was one helll of a movie. I didn't expect it to be as good as I thought. The whole basic concept of this story...simple, revenge. A woman we only know as 'The Bride' (her named is bleeped out) woke up from a 4 year coma after, on her wedding day, was brutally beaten and shot in the head by members and boss (Bill) of a group she was formally in called the Deadly Vipers Assaination Squad. She wakes up to find out it had been 4 years later and the baby she had died in due time. So she seeks revenge on the 5 people responsible for it and she goes finding and killing them one by one, but she only kills 2 in the film. It was really really graphic (close to being rated NC-17) but really good overall.

Sunday I went over to Zahrah's which was fun. She rang her friend Michael and her, her sister, and myself walked to McDonalds. We got there, I kind of begged everyone for food since I hadn't had anything all day, haha. So Zahrah (thankies!) got me fries, yummie.We hanged around in the back and just talked and such. We saw Charles and Zach from school and said hello. After that we walked to CVS and started playing around with the Halloween crap, I took one of those plastic axes and started chasing Michael around, haha. Then Zahrah tried to put on some make up to make me look 'pretty' it was loads of fun. Then we went back to Zahrah's and watched 'As Told by Ginger' then went home.

Today was a pretty average day, my charger had broke this weekend (again...piece of shit) and had to go get another. I got right away for once so that was really good. Classes were boring and got home. Played some DDR, oh! I finally got my photos and uploaded them. I'll leave off with the links to them, later (sorry for poor quality, my pic is bad too >_<))!

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