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Today was not the best day, lot more kind of bad things happen rather than good. I got to school this morning and Brittany starts running up to me and yelling 'GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT!' and I just sitting there thinking to myself about what the hell was going on. She told me that her ex-boyfriend Roberto was going to ask me out. Honestly, he's a good guy but I don't like him in that way and I don't think I ever will. I mean after what Brit had to go through when dating him, I rather not go through the same. Besdies, I am not really in the mood for dating when I am already stressed enough about school, family, and friends. So she tells me this and I only assume one thing, that he would do it to make Brit jealous since her and I are best friends. It had happened before since he told Brit about how he was going to ask people like me and Zahrah to the dance. So there was no way I am going to ever consider going out with him. Ever since then, some of my friends have kind of been taunting me about it and whatever and it's annoying the very hell out of me. I mean, it's really not that big of a deal so quit it. He keeps staring at me now and I don't feel that comfortable, oh whatever...I am just going to ignore it.

As for school wise, fuck...biology I some how have a 100 which I know will be long gone by the time we take some quiz or something since that is one of my worst subjects in the entire world. Then I went to World History and I am doing pretty good in that class, just really really boring now a days. All I ever do is lay my head down on the table, write notes, and pratically fall asleep, it's really THAT boring. The teacher is talking about the Reformation and all that stuff and all I can hear is 'blah blah blah blah blah'. Yeah...that's going to get me nowhere. Then in Spanish we had to finish this oral part of our test and boy did I bomb that test. I did so bad, it looked as if everything I did was wrong. If I messed up on at lest one problem on the oral part, I failed. I got like a 73 or something but oh well. Then I got to define like 50 adjectives which is bundles of fun by tomorrow. I also have to write an essay and finish 2 worksheets for English then finish my Food Diary for health, what fun! Afterwards, ate lunch then went to Geometry where I got a quiz back, failed it and took a quiz, failed it. Honestly, I couldn't be doing more shitter in a class, but it's so much fun since we get off topic sometimes and have the funniest conversations. Oh well...then hanged around with Elizabeth at the bus ramp then just got my iBook out and started listening to my iTunes. I was wearing my kitty ear hat and the two boys from 2 seats behind me took it and acted like they didn't do shit. I saw them throw it at the seat behind me and I seriously wanted to kick there asses but oh well...whatever.

Now I am just sitting here, locked away in my room typing this and just sitting around. Don't feel like doing much although I'm out.
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