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Dance Dance

Yeah, today went by quick thankfully since I had all my classes today and they really don't last that long. Really boring and tiring. Everytime the teachers turned off the lights I really wanted to go to sleep but of course, I would most likely get bitched out. Lunch was funny, my friend brought his digital camera and just started taking pictures. He got really retarted pictures of me and some really funny movies, all my friends including myself all acted like idiots and tried to enjoy it. That was probably the fun part of my day. ONLY fun part of my day, that's rare. I barely have any fun parts, haha.

I decided to slave mother by making her make MPEGs of my DDR since I wanted to show off my mad skills *cough cough*. Please...I honestly suck. Plus I look like crap wearing this bright yellow shirt and shorts cause I work really hard on this game and rather not get my clothes all smelly and stuff cause I seriously sweat! It's a hell of a workout. But yeah, I tried. So pardom my ugliness. Here and watch me dance! Enjoy!

1) Mom didn't realize the camera was right @_@, so it's sideways
2) Mom figured it out, yay! Keep on dancing!
3) And the song is done, GO ME *dies of exhaustion* x_x
4) I lost and I make myself look dumb
5) Taking it easy, doing a simple song which was a SMART thing to do
6) Finishing easy song, yay! So talented ^_^
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