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Picture Day

Today was a pretty fun-filled, interesting day. Started off having to dress up nice and all since today for me was Picture Day. I was sitting here on my bed while Mom was putting on make up. I was kind of freaking out because the dog was just sniffing around and I was afraid that mom would get distracted and end up poking my eye out. Haha wouldn't be THAT much of a loss since I am pretty much blind enough as it is. I met up wtih Brit while walking to the bus stop and she was commenting how nice I looked and was shocked, to say the least, to see make up on my face, haha I found that pretty funny.

Then I started the day with good ol' Art *cough cough*. If only our teacher could be just the bit more fun. It's so boring that me and Elizabeth kept count of everytime he said 'um'. We took a review quiz or test, can't really remember but all I know is that I bombed it for sure. Then we had to get this mug shots of our faces for this clay project we were going to do and do something creative with it and I am going to make my face into a rag-doll/Strawberry Shortcake kind of a thing so I hope it comes out really good ^_^

Then I went to Gym which of course I dreaded. We had to go outside to play soccer and to set the record straight, I think I am horrible at every single sport that was ever created! Haha yeah, so I partnered up with Amanda and we just played around and tried to have fun with it somehow. Unfortantely, the field was really shitty and muddy so my shoes look basically like I just stepped in a big pile of shit which is really gross but now they are just dirty so I really need to start cleaning them. We then had to play a game and couldn't really participate since basically all the jocks got infront of me when the ball was right infront of me and just kicked it out of my way, way to be a team! Hah yeah.

Then at lunch I had some fun with Brit and Zahrah. James came over (really annoying) and just annoyed us basically but oh wells. Me and Brit we talking about the good ol' days in SPMS and some other stuff, what great fun! Then I went off to Spanish and had to do some boring assignment as we usually do. We were about to get our tests back and I was really scared cause I knew I did really horrible and to my surprise, I got an 80! All I have to say is that anything with in 8 to begin with is good enough for me! I was like dancing in my chair and squealing, haha really looked like the biggest fool of all but lucky enough for me, no was paying attention.

Then finally it was time to get my picture done and I really hope it came out good. I basically chatted with Zahrah, Amanda, Patrick, Arathi, and Luke. Luke kept joking around about what facial he should pull when he was getting his pic done, he had this peace sign up and this George W. Bush (dumbass...) facial which was hilarious. Too bad he couldn't use it for the picture. Then we got back and did some more boring work and just talked to Zahrah and Amanda a bit. Luke joked about chicken and I just said 'I like chicken (I really do, it's the best ^_^)' and he was like 'I love chicken!'. Everyone loves chicken, the good stuff! Then I walked with Zahrah and James around the school and to my dimise, had James hanging around me by the bus ramp.

When I got on the bus, I saw James and was getting irritated because I thought he was going to sit next to me but Jay Jay sat next to me instead. It was kind of strange for me cause I really didn't expect it and I would figure he would want to hang in the back seats with all his friends. I talked to him some and got to be mean to James since he is an ass and he was being mean to Zahrah a lot (Poor Zahrah =( ). Heh it was a lot of fun and Jay Jay was really nice and cool. I just walked home and worked on my Reflections project for Art which is basically a mosaic of my dog and me out of magazine clippings. Really hope it comes out good.

Other than that, nothing else is really new and I cannot wait till tomorrow! Halloween and last day of these fucking extended days, yayness! Plus, I am going to dress all weird and have blue hair ^_^. That will be cool. Well I am going to go lay down for a bit since I am tired of writing and have my headache still, bye bye!
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