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Relief from School

Halloween was pretty fun on Friday. I got my hair blue and everything and it was crazy @_@. Too bad it got all over my hands and face cause it rubbed off so easily and since my mom sprayed it, it was all over my ears. Everyone kept calling me a smurf and I was like 'I AM NOT A SMURF!'. Haha next year I might just do glitter cause that won't be as messy and whatever and I don't think dad will freak out as much, haha but that was basically the point of it. That was the same day Mike came back for the weekend. He rung the doorbell so I opened and said 'Sorry, we aren't giving out candy now...' and slammed the door. It was so funny! He kept yelling to open the garage door so I did. It was so weird to have him back, it had been a while since he had been around the house and surprisingly enough, he was nice to me! being nice to his sister, what is the world coming to?! He stated that he could beat me in DDR and I asked him to prove it to me so when he picks a song, he of course fails it and told me it was impossible to do. So when I play it, I do pretty good and finish the entire song ^_^. He was pretty shocked to say the least and started playing the game nonstop! He really liked it cause he got to play whenever he could and boy was he trying hard. He wanted to take the game and gamepad with him back, I could tell but of course not, it's mine! Haha yeah, when he left on Sunday he was like 'Don't beat me too hard, I have to pay to practice now'. That has to suck for him since they do have a DDR in VT but it's like a dollar or something just for a song @_@. Haha have fun spending all that money!

Today was awesome cause thank god, back to regular timed days! Yayness! I had to get to school early since I had to hand in my Reflections project which is a mosaic of magazine clippings of my dog and me. My art teacher said it was great, wow...that was the first compliment I had got all year. It was basically 'It's not bad, it just wasn't what I was looking for' haha; his infamous line. Then they day when as usual, got some stuff back and just hanged around. I basically have B's in all my classes and fear that I might be doing horrible in Gym since I have failed every test @_@ eep! Yeah, no good for me. We had to watch Don Quijote again today in Spanish and it is just so retarted. It's like watching Jackass but much different, don't know to describe this idioitc film. But hey, it's better then doing work and all that crap.

Then I got to hang out at the bus ramp with Brit for a while and Kelly. Then I talked to Arathi, Brit, Kati, and Jay Jay on the bus. Guess about the usual stuff and Jay Jay sat next to me again since he is supposedly protecting me from James. Now I need someone protecting me from him, seriously! He kept like headbutting me, poking me, hitting me and shit and I was like like thinking 'What the fuck did I do?! Is this even normal??'. Haha oh well, don't have to deal with it tomorrow since we have no school tomorrow, sweetness! I hope I can do something or whatever, not in the mood to just sit around on my ass but hell a lot better then school I say. So I am just sitting here in my domain A.K.A. my attic doing nothing but listening to music and the usual crap. I am gonna get going now, laters!
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