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Keep on Swimming!

I had a pretty dull day so nothing really to write about the day. I do want to see 'Elf' and honestly, I think the Elf from the movie kicked Neo's ass when it comes to how good a movie is XD. Haha yeah, what great fun!

Just finished watching Finding Nemo, greatest movie ever! It's Nemo with his lucky fin *flaps it around fast*. Remeber, fishes are friends...not food! I enjoyed it lots, very cute movie. One of my favorite parts is when Nemo gets in the can and starts meeting all the fishies.

Deb - *looks at her reflection* That's my sister Flo. Don't listen to anything she says. She's crazy.
Marlin - The water's going down. It's half-empty.
Dory - Hmm...I'd say it's half-full.
Marlin: - Stop that!

and then another one was...

Young fish - Wow, look at that! *looks at bottom of a boat*
Nemo - What is it?
Young seahorse (ponyman) - Hey, my dad has seen one of those. He called it a "butt"
Young octopus - That's a big butt

Haha yeah, go see it if you haven't already! Haha night night people ^_^.
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