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Saturday Mayhem

Went to Norfolk today to visit family. Had an okay time, had to go to the graveyard though which isn't my favorite thing to do. Have to do it every year to pay my respects which isn't a bad thing, just don't like the fact of being in one. But it was okay for me, I actually wasn't sad or crying, just pretty quiet and kept to myself. We went out to eat lunch which was good, just was feel sick for the remainder of the day including during the car ride, ugh that was no fun. I wish I brought a pillow or something cause I was defientely very uncomfortable.

Dad came back yesterday and my mom bought Terminator 3 so my dad wanted to watch that since he is, an "Arnie fan". Well...of course, action movies are his thing. So he started bitching when we got the wrong on so we had to go all the way back to Wal-Mart just to get the wide-screen version, god man...I thought it was ridiclous but oh well. I got these blue glow-in-the-dark jellys which I like so all-an-all it wasn't that bad, got something good at of it. Which reminds me, I did these vector drawings for this Weim Rescue Foundation of their dogs and they made them into Xmas cards and I just got them today to see how they looked and they look great! They even have my name on it! I thought it was way cool, I mean I felt like I did something and it's for donation to help these dogs feel better and all that stuff so I hope it helps them out much.

Other than that, I am still watching DDR Freestyle cause I want to do this kind of stuff so bad! It's so cool but I suck at the game so I can at least try and make a fool of myself in the comfort of my room...LOCKED! Hahah so no one can laugh and all, yeah...I'm pretty bad but it's a fun game once you get the hang of it and all. Well I am going to watch more, see ya later!

P.S. Here's a real cool vid of some guy, he's awesome: Jan - Stomp to My Beat
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