Jessi Fuzaki (digitaljessi) wrote,
Jessi Fuzaki

Had Better Days

Well today was a so/so day, in otherwords both good in bad. Reason it was bad was of course my parents. Don't want to really want get into it cause I don't really want to let it bother me so much but lets just say they bitched a lot, argued, dad said some pretty mean things, and all that crap. Also mom was bitching at me kind of how I should be more like Mike and that crap *sighs*. I wish I didn't have that stupid state thing that pays for college so I could go to California or something, all the way across the county and be free from this shit! Haha yeah, that would be great.

Other than that, yesterday was pretty good. Got to watch 'The Hot Chick' which was pretty funny. It was funny when he/she went (can't really decided XD) 'It's not everyday you wake up in the morning with a penis' XD. Haha it was really funny. Although it was really corny, it was really funny somehow. I guess I am just easily amused in that sense. Other than that, nothing really else to update on so I am going to go now, later.

- Mistress Jessi of the World, mwahah XD

(I sound like a freaky sad....)
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