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A Funny Fishy Tale

Mike and Dad went on a fishing trip yesterday, god knows why. Must be really fun. Anyway they came back around 10 last night and told us about the whole ordeal. Well here's who was there:



a bishop...

an enginneer...

and a blind man driving...

What fun that must've been! What a fun-filled group brought together to do some good ol' fishing. Mike told me how the blind guy almost drove the boat into a pole and he said he had some eye problems, don't know exactly, but when he told them directions he was trying to think what that meant in his eyes.

My dad was freaking out over the fact that there was a bishop onboard so he tried to keep his cursing to a minimum and told us he didn't curse at all, wow that's a shocker. But Mike on the other hand said 'fuck', 'shit', 'bitch', and 'ass'. Haha, I was wondering the bishops reaction to that. The funnier thing was that Dad felt bad cause he kept going 'God' around him, you know when you get frustrated or something you go 'God damn', that's what he meant. Poor bishop...has to hang around crazy people @_@. I heard that even before they fished, they did a prayer. Not those quick ones you do before you eat dinner, but like it was some sort of traditional ceremonial prayer before you fish that took very long (I mean VERY long) and from what I hear...the praying worked! Praise the lord! Haha XD

Dad unfortantely got only 1 fish. Mike got 4 and the biggest fish at sea. I was just laying on the couch not giving a care he was like 'Jess! I caught a big fucker! He was like this big and this wide. Damn was that fish huge!'. It sounded a little bit wrong at first but I got what he was talking about and got a picture of it and it was a big fish! I'm surprised I didn't pull him off the boat, guess that weightlifting really does pay off...

It was a really funny story, wish I went but rather not freeze my ass off and fish XD. Well that's all for this little fishy tale with my brother, my father, a bishop, an enginneer, and a blind man. I really hope I can write a book on my life one day.

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