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Moonlight Shadows and Earthquakes

I just got back from an Art Club meeting not too long ago, had fun with Cathy and Sarah. I made this fat, ugly kitty and it has green on it cause I used a green pen to make eyes and stuff so yeah, it looks really weird. There was an earthquake today! It was so cool! My mom emailed me an article about it and it was a 4.5 on the richter scale, I was like cool. The only downfall is that we get an earthquake but NO SNOW! What is up with that?! Roar...and also had to delete all my games and crap because of the stupid school =( *sniff*. I miss playing Zelda and Mario Kart!

Then I was walking to the front doors and Mr. Spence was there and he tried to slam the door before I could get there so I was pushing it back, wish I slammed the door and broke his nose ><. I was like 'Just because I was a former blonde and I'm smaller and no one else is really around doesn't mean you can pick on me' and he was like 'Oh, that's not the reason. I picked on you cause you're a yankee.'. There he goes with the yankee shit again! It's so fucking old and I wanted to smack him, so I just walked out and shit, bastard...haha.

Other than that nothing is really new, last night I had this beautiful view in my window in my room and took a picture of it so I'm going to leave off with that, later!

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