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digitaljessi's Journal

Jessi Fuzaki
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I seriously have too many journals @_@

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I am teh Jessi

Hiya, I'm Jessi ^.^ I'm 16 years old and I live in Virginia. I attend hell...I mean DRHS, most likely getting bad grades cause I sux0rz. As you can see, I got one too many journals, I like making icons, and I'm quite a friendly person...as long as you don't piss me off XD, haha. You should check out my icons at my icon journal, they are pretty cool cause...I made them ^.^. Haha yeah, if you need someone to make you an icon, feel free to ask me. Otherwise, I'm just another dork who likes writing in her journal about pointless things, aren't you just glad that you are reading this?

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24, 8 bit, a perfect circle, adema, akuma de sourou, alice in chains, alvin and the chipmunks, amplitude, angel sanctuary, anime, animosity, anti-bush, anti-flag, armitage, balzac, baroque, billy idol, billy talent, bishonen, boogiepop phantom, chobits, chug, coal chamber, comedy, cookie monster, cradle of filth, daily show, dance dance revolution, devil may cry, dir en grey, dnangel, drawing, dream theater, dué le quartz, earthworm jim, edward scissorhands, excel saga, final fantasy, flaw, flcl, foo fighters, frequency, furniture porn, fuse tv, gackt, gaia online, garbage, gloomy bear, glowstringing, guano apes, gumby, happy bunny, hello kitty, hoobastank, hungry hungry hippos, inuyasha, j-rock, japanese, kill bill, kittie, korn, l'arc~en~ciel, linkin park, lost prophets, mad tv, magic knight rayearth, malice mizer, manga, metallica, metroid prime, mimic, miyabi, miyavi, mori chack, mudvayne, nine inch nails, nintendo, nirvana, noir, orgy, pantera, pirates, pixy stix, playstation 2, powerman 5000, presence, psydoll, queen, rammstein, ren and stimpy, robin williams, rocko's modern life, saliva, samurai pizza cats, sergio, serial experiments lain, shadows fall, skittles, slayer, slipknot, smurfs, snowboarding, soul calibur 2, south park, spider-man, spineshank, sr-71, static-x, steel angel kurumi, stillborn, story of the year, system of a down, techtv, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the cure, the distillers, the ramones, thrice, toe socks, trapt, trigun, trustcompany, tsunami bomb, underground bands, unreal tournament 2004, unscrewed, uranium, vio system divide, vision of escaflowne, wayne's world, william hung, x-japan, x-men, x-play, yuki kajiura, zoolander