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Today went pretty good, long and boring, perfect combination I say. This school days go by so slow, but the weekends feel like just hours practically. It's almost like we don't even have weekends! It really sucks. Today Bio. sucked of course, have no real friends in there and it's hard having to find people to work with @_@. I just worked with these smart freshmen, yippie skippie. This one kid in the class kept breaking something one after the other, thank god I didn't work with that dumbass. It's like he enjoyed it, the fool. Then I had World History which bored me to tears. We had to answer questions for the class or otherwise we would get a 0 for the day so I did best I could to participate, fortantely I could care less. Damn was Henry the VIII the back-in-the-day player. 6 wives...who would've guessed?! I didn't think an old, fat geezer could get a wife, boy was I wrong. Afterwards, I had lunch and Roberto had probably the funniest hat for hat day. Course I wore my kitty-ear hat but he had like this huge glove for a hat. It kind of reminded me of Mickey Mouse. Speaking of which, Mickey Mouse and Michael Jackson and similar in many ways, indeed they are. Let's see, both love children, have their own amusement parks, wear a white glove, and black with white faces. Who would've known!

Anyways, back to my day...Spanish of course sucked, don't even have to go there. Geometry was fun, I enjoy how the teacher tortues this one annoying kid in the class. Ah that gives me such a warm funny feeling inside, ha. Other than that, nothing is all that new. I have an icon journal and decided to join this community and submit a few of my best, at least in my opinion, to see how they would do and if people would like them. If you want to check it out, click here and look for the icons by myself (digitaljessi):
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