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Keep On Dancin'

I had to see 'Mystic River' and...*yawns* bored the hell out of me. Most of the people in the theater were gasping and stuff when this kid starting kicking another in the face and when the kid had a gun pointed to this other person. I'm like 'Damnit people, it's not that shocking! It's a freaking movie, go see Kill Bill if you want to lose your voice in shock!'. Haha I made fun of that it was the only enjoyable part about that.

Before that I played Crusin' USA and of course, got my ass kicked. Then we went to Barnes and Noble for like a half an hour, I just read some mangas and listened to some music, yes my garbage music @_@. I played some DDR not too long ago and got my mom to record, if you want I can show it to you later, mom was afraid I was going to kill myself of heart attack, hahah. Oh wells...what can one do? Let's see...what else...hmmm. I can't really think right now, tired from so much boredom @_@!! Eepp! Evil boring movies are coming to eat me alive, ahhhh!!

Yeah not really much to write so I'll leave off with my new DDR movies, enjoy once again! School's tomorrow, ahhh! At least the extended days end after Friday, finally!

1) I'm back! Let's dance! [Dive: pt 1]
2) Still Movin' to the Beat [Dive: pt 2]
3) Taking Things Up a Notch [Breakdown]
4) Jessi has a Few Seconds
5) Moving Like a Mad Woman @_@ [Hysteria]
6) Taking the Challenge [Hysteria 2001]
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