Jessi Fuzaki (digitaljessi) wrote,
Jessi Fuzaki

Sugar Sweetness

Pilgrams are yummy yummy in my big tummy XD!

Haha yeah, I just finished eating this pilgram cookie my mom bought and it was soo good. It was like a gingerbread man topped with vanilla and chocolate, seriously it's really good! The only bad thing was the head was so fucking hard! I was biting as hard as I could and it wouldn't break. So I was like 'damnit!' and slammed it against the kitchen table. Mike was up and about so he just came up and was like 'It was the head, wasn't it?' and I was like 'Indeed...' XD. Haha oh wells, it was still yummy!

Gosh I am still pretty wired for today. I had orange soda this morning, then Mello Yello and god knows how many sugar cubes, Mountain Dew: Code Red, and more orange soda...lots and lots of sugar! All I need is some Pixy Stix and I would've just lost it! Haha yeah, the world is great with sugar! Sugar sugar sugar!

Yeah...I am going to shut myself up now, bye @_@

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